Conferences/ Presentations/ Panels


  • “Siyer ve Görsel Sanatlar,” Sirette Suret Görmek, Workshop, Discussant, October 25 2018. İstanbul.
  • “The Mutually Changing and Transforming Adventure of the AK Party-liberal Alliance” Panelist, Inside, Outside: Ten Years of the Ak Party Government Revisited Conference, İstanbul Şehir University, June 1, 2013, İstanbul.
  • Aktüel İslamcılık Tartışmaları,” Panelist, Açılış Oturumu, Türkiye’de İslamcılık Düşüncesi Sempozyumu, 17 Mayıs 2013, Zeytinburnu Belediyesi, İstanbul.  
  • “Regional Impacts of the Syrian Crisis”, Panel Session, GLOBSEC 2013, Bratislava Global Security Forum, Bratislava, Slovenia. 20 April 2013.
  • “International Role in the Syrian Crisis: Turkish Position” UCLA, Center for Middle East Annual Conference, March 2nd 2012, Prague, Czech Republic. 
  • “Turkey’s New Policy Options in Iraq” Iraq’s Emerging foreign Policy in Regional and International Context Conference, Carnegie and TESEV, 10th April 2012, Istanbul
  •  “Arab Spring, Digital Activism and Turkish Experience”. Salzburg Global Seminar, Dec 18th 2011, Salzburg, Austria
  •  “Turkey as a Geopolitical Player” Brookings Institute, June 17th 2011. Washington D.C., U.S.
  • “Turkey Reforming Itself”, Panelist, The Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy, The Cardozo School of Law and the World Policy Institute, New York City, April 13, 2011.
  •  “Turkey, Israel, and New Turkish Foreign Policy” Houston Council on foreign Relations, Feb 2011, Houston, Texas, U.S.
  • “New Turkish Foreign Policy Activism in the Middle East” Nov 5th, 2010, Annual ASMEA Conference, Washington, D.C. 
  •  “Turkey in the Middle East”, Palestine Center, Oct 29th, 2010, Washington D.C.
  •  “Islamic Iconoclasm’: A Eurocentric Narrative” Presentation at “Icons and Iconoclasm” Conference, 2010 Forum for Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Organized by Jefferson Foundation and University of Virginia
  • “The Future of Turkish-U.S. Relations: Prospects for Cooperation in the Middle East” Workshop, Organized by Hollings Center and TESEV, Istanbul, May 2010 
  • “Cross-Border Commerce, Energy, Water and Environmental Issues”, Mapping Issues Between Turks and Iraqi Kurds, Organized by Atlantic Council, Washington D.C., 13-15 April 2009.
  •  “Let’s Talk Turkey” Bloggingheads TV, Appearance with Daniel Levy, April, 7 2009.
  • “Turkey, U.S., Israel” NYT Op-Ed Section, April, 10 2009. 
  •  “New Dynamics; Assessing the Internal Processes”, Conference on Middle East Peace Process, March 23, 2009. Aspen Institute, Washington D.C.
  • “Turkey’s EU Adventure: Slow Down or Consolidation?” European Studiess, SAIS (School of Advanced Studies), Johns Hopkins University, November, 6, 2008.
  • “Violence, Humanism and Human Rights”, Histories of Violence: A Graduate Conference. George Mason University, October 18, 2008.
  • “U.S. Elections and Turkish-American Relations” SETA Foundation for Political, Economic Social Research, Ankara, Turkey. August 14, 2008.
  • with Talha Köse, “A Critique of Universal Human Rights Discourse: Who Protects Whom from Whom?” International Symposium: New Perspectives for Human Rights. Organized by Mazlum-Der, 27-29 May 2006, Istanbul. 
  • Participant and discussant for “Converting Cultures” Humanities Institute Conference at Dartmouth College, December 1-3, 2002. 
  • “From Writing to Art: Remarks on the Origin of Art and Writing” Nov 25th 2002. Lecture. CUST 217 Introduction to Visual Studies. Trent University.    
  • “Mapping the Painting: Transformation from Painting to Mapping in the Renaissance Era” Oct 15th 2002, Lecture. CUST 100, Trent University
  • “Orientalist Painting: Imaginary Construction of “Orient” through Images” Feb 5th 2002, Lecture. CUST 100, Trent University.
  • “Onto-theological Construction of the Image: Islamic Tradition of Calligraphy ” Feb 7th2002, hosted by Trent Muslim Students Association. Trent University. 
  • “Republic’s Quest for Home: National Architecture in the Early Years of Turkish Republic”, paper presented at the 6th National Sociology Student’s Convention, 1999. Ankara, Turkey.
  • “ATV News and the Image of an Anchorman: A Discourse Analysis” paper presented at the 5th National Sociology Student’s Convention, 1998. Eskisehir, Turkey.

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